Most Recent Publications

Journal Article – Contextual factors modulate risk preferences in adult humans

De Petrillo, F., Paoletti, M., Bellagamba, F., Manzi, G., Paglieri, F. & Addessi, E. (In press). Behavioural Processes

Journal Article – Logical inferences from visual and auditory information in ruffed lemurs and sifakas.

De Petrillo, F. & Rosati, A.G. (2020). Animal Behaviour.

Book Chapter – Decision-making in animals: rational choices and adaptive strategies. 

De Petrillo, F. & Rosati, A.G. (In press). To appear in: Cambridge Handbook of Animal Cognition (A. Kaufman, J. Call ,& J. Kaufman, eds.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.